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What is the difference between UX and UI designer and Web?

UI and UX are two distinct terms that are often perceived as representing the same thing. Interestingly, even at an organizational level, these two terms are often used interchangeably, perhaps due to the overlap in the roles of these two professionals. Nonetheless, the work of a UI designer and that of a UX designer do differ significantly as follows.

The acronym UI stands for ??User Interface.’ The user interface of a website includes the actual text, buttons, and the content that the user interacts with, on the front end of the website. A UI designer is therefore responsible for all factors related to how the application or website appears on the front end, or interface. For instance, the appearance of the page, its general architecture, the placement of buttons, the representation of text, and general visual execution, fall within the purview of the UI designer.

On the other hand, UX stands for User Experience. User experience goes past the user interface of a website, and incorporates the interactions and systems that support the UI. For example, a UX designer will be concerned with the appearance of the application or website (user interface), as well as the difficulties which a user may experience while interacting with a system (support functions).

While a UX designer can also be tasked with components associated with UI such as pixel density, most UX designers are more concerned with the high level functions of an application or website, and therefore tend to work with a UI designer. This will allow the UX designer to polish the user experience, and the UI designer to refine the visual elements. From a general perspective, both these professionals work hand in hand to organize, strategize, organize, a web or application interface that will meet the goals and objectives expected of a system by a business. 

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